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Organisation - Support Systems

The most important component of any sustainable model is the thoughtful integration of each of its components within a carefully planned system. Without support systems, individual components (such as language laboratories) fail to function effectively. A central body must be appointed for the development of general language learning technologies in SMUs including language laboratories. Key issues to be addressed include:

  • Teacher Training - Methodology
  • Teacher Training - Affective Application of Technology in the Classroom
  • Information Services to Schools - Planning, Implementation, and Technical.
  • Technician Training.
  • Language Teaching Materials Production - Including Language Laboratory Materials.
Technical Specifications

1. The new language laboratories will meet the requirements for a full audio active comparative laboratory (AAC). They will:

  • Be microprocessor controlled.
  • Remain cassette based.
  • Have at least two master recorder/ players.
  • Have auxiliary inputs for CD and video/ television.
  • Preferably have a fast transfer function, with automatic rewind.
  • Allow individual monitoring, intercom, and preferably enable control of all student recorder/ player functions from the master console.
  • Provide a switchable monitor (inbuilt)/ playback (external) speaker output of at least 20 Watts RMS.
  • Have dual playback speakers.
  • Allow student cassette tape compartment access control from the master console.
  • Provide group and all-call functions with conferencing.
  • Preferably have student monitoring buttons which are configurable so as to be representative of the shape of the actual laboratory.
  • Provide for a minimum of three (3) individual student working groups.
  • Meet the minimum audio requirements of: frequency response 50 - 10,000 Hz with a signal to noise of better than 40dB, and a wow and flutter figure of less than 0.25% WRMS.
  • Have dual student recorder and master console headphone sockets.
  • Have a power supply which is fully stabilized and surge supressed (short response time), or an equivalent power stabilizer will be provided externally. The student positions will be powered from a low voltage supply.
  • Have furnishings which meet the required specifications.
  • Have a spare parts kit included in the purchase price (see list).
  • Be chosen from a manufacturer with a proven reliability and service record, and with a strong representation in Indonesia (including a substantial spare parts inventory).
  • Have a five year extended warranty from the local distributer (additional cost negotiable - but inclusive).
  • Include full installation to the required specifications and four days of training for teaching and technical staff.

2. Language laboratory class sizes will have a maximum of twenty four (24) students.

3. The preferred layout of the new language laboratories will be a variation of one of the following floor plans. For further information go to the Manual

This is photo of a laboratory built to
the floor plan on the right above.

These language laboratory floor plans allow:
  • Improved student interaction.
  • Easy access to the students for personal interaction and also for monitoring student work (completing clozes, comprehension exercises, etc.).
  • Greater teacher flexibility. Teachers can utilize the centre area for group work, role plays, games, etc. (the chairs can be easily moved to the centre).

4. The new language laboratories will have no partitions separating the individual student positions, and no glass partitions at the front.

5. The cables for the new language laboratories will be placed in channels, PVC conduits (minimum 50mm - wide radius bends), or cable ducts under the floor. They will be constructed so that they can be kept clean and tidy, and free from rodents (rats) and whiteants. If channels or ducts are used whiteant proof materials must be used to cover the ducts. Proper entry and exit holes will be provided, and cables will enter and leave from under furnishings (there will be no exposed cables in the laboratory).

6. Air-conditioners will be included in the installation of all new language laboratories.

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Phillip Rekdale
Konsultan Pendidikan & Teknologi

(Ref: SSE Project)