Alan Jones was made an ‘insulting’ offer by

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He added: ‘You are a man of good character, you have excellent references, you are a GP who has such skills and abilities that people have written to me, and you have shown your expertise time and time again and you are a popular and respected doctor.

Jones who has been on the airwaves since 1985 and has hosted an 8pm show four nights a week since July 2020, posted a lengthy statement on his Facebook page saying he will leave the company at the end of this month.

Rumi Chhapia, 45, was a ‘popular and respected’ doctor before he stole the funds from a healthcare group in 65 transfers over a 41-day period in 2020, to pay off his debts playing situs slot machines and roulette.

Ring Protect Pro ($20 per month or $200 per year): Offers professional monitoring, Alexa Guard Plus (usually $5 per month), video recording for all video devices, backup internet and Eero Secure (which monitors your network for threats, and usually costs $3 per month).

Judge Keith Cutler, sentencing Chhapia for fraud by abuse of position, said: ‘You abused the trust placed on you and took £1.1 million from the PPCA, money which should have been for GP surgeries to develop their services.

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The money was taken from Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance Limited (PPCA), a healthcare group he founded, a collection of GP practices in and around the Hampshire city, whose role included tendering out-of-hour GP services.

Two days before those remarks, 2GB morning presenter Ray Hadley had unloaded on Jones over his former colleague’s Covid commentary for Sky, describing his conduct as ‘scurrilous, contemptible and undignified’.

Jones then told listeners that he would continue as a commentator by writing his weekly newspaper column in The Australian and hosing his Sky News show alongside Peta Credlin, but that it was the right time to end his radio career.

The outspoken broadcaster said during crunch talks on October 29, bosses refused to renew his contract but offered him a job hosting a show on News Corp’s new streaming service Flash once a week, an offer he declined.

‘I was lucky enough to meet Nusret and he’s a lovely, humble man. The theatre of performing the signature steak slicing by Nusret and then later the Baklava by another gentleman was absolutely fantastic.’

Taking to Trip Advisor, one diner claimed they were interrupted mid meal by the restaurant staff, to be informed that they had thirty minutes until they had to leave, even though they were just being served their sides.

That said, $200 per year, while definitely pricier than the most affordable DIY systems’ services (Wyze is only $50 per year), isn’t outrageous at all. Abode’s professional monitoring starts at $20 per month. If you’re planning to use the Ring Alarm Pro’s best features, it really does require that Protect Pro subscription, which isn’t cheap. SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring costs $15 per month, and to use its smart home integrations puts that fee up to $25 per month.

In the grand scheme of the smart home, these criticisms are little more than quibbles. You can even store and process video footage locally — a first for Ring. Ring has delivered a fantastic home security system with genuinely useful features to help with everything from internet and power outages to break-ins and intruder deterrence.

Ring also adds a few game-changing perks to the mix, including backup Wi-Fi and local processing and storage. ED


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The Ring Alarm Pro is one of the most compelling DIY home security systems I’ve tested, period. It merges an Eero Wi-Fi 6 mesh router with a DIY security system. You’ll pay $300 for the router plus some additional security sensors, which include door/window sensors, motion detectors, a keypad, a siren and optional professional monitoring subscriptions.